Farnaz Wallace: A Versatile Personality !

Farnaz Wallace: A dynamic Inspirational Speaker, Insightful Management Consultant and New World Leader

It is said that leaders are not born or created, but they have an inborn quality that makes them stand out from others. Farnaz Wallace is one of those leaders. Great leaders don’t coerce people through powers of domination and authority. Instead, they bring people together through their commonalities and lead through powers of persuasion and influence. Great Leaders are those who people want to follow. Farnaz Wallace is one of those leaders. She is a renowned name in the United States of America and known as a thought leader, author, motivational speaker, management and leadership consultant.

She coined the phrase, The New World Marketplace, to help leaders and companies understand and embrace rapid cultural and demographic shifts that are changing how people live, relate and work together. She breaks down these macro trends into shifting roles of women, new values and ideological power of youth culture, and growth and influence of multicultural consumers and societies. Her book, The New World Marketplace, was published in 2012, opening eyes to the possibilities for new social models, leadership, and of course business models that will succeed.

As the principal of Farnaz Global, LLC, she is the go-to-expert on growth opportunities on the horizon. Farnaz has had over 25 years of marketing and branding experience, including five years as a Chief Marketing Officer with proven track record of five consecutive years of sales growth. She knows what it takes to drive results in a fast changing marketplace. In her consultancy practice, she transfers traditional business models into customer-centric, best-in-class growth platforms.

A young Iranian woman who immigrated to the United States at the age 15, her entire life has been a multicultural and new world experience. She learned quickly how to overcome racial and ethnic prejudices, work hard to gain trust and respect, and later become a strong and successful business woman in the corporate world. She is considered one of the best motivational speakers for women and shares her tips on how to succeed in The New World Marketplace.

Farnaz’s high energy and enthusiastic personality inspires her audiences around the world. Her no-holds-bar approach grabs attention, and her unique knowledge and proven track record makes her a trusted and respected adviser and speaker for many executives and organizations around the world.